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"In Imercia, it's considered impolite to acknowledge the presence of another person. You have to wait for them to acknowledge you."


"Like some kind of beautiful crime." Niall O'Keeffe, NME

"like a sexier Human League, like New Order on viagra, likeOMD at their most wilfully obscure." The Devil has The Best Tuna

"Slick spiky electronic rock that screams darkness beneath a seemingly
delicate exterior." Natasha Scharf, Metal Hammer.

"Seedily attractive, smooth, impressively catchy, seething power..."
Mick Mercer.“John Peel would have loved them” DJ CruelBritannia.

"Machine rock music that blurs the line between dark-indie and industrial in exquisite fashion." Soundsphere Magazine.

Your skin is your own. You have no control over the flesh you are born to, the place, the accent. But it's yours.



Featured on our "hour long adventure in sounds and spaces" audio documentary Behind The Sins

Bought you hunger

Fed you lies

Don't you wonder

What's the price


But you hunger

For their lies

You surrender

You deny




Gated fuzz guitar with wah pedal as a filter. Trying to recreate some filtered 'Flat' drums we made on an old Ensoniq SQ80 synth we had that died on us...

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The Mekano Set
Elementary Productions
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